C & KU Band, based in Phoenix, Arizona


Via Sky Communications provides the highest quality & most reliable broadcast HD mobile satellite transmission available. 4 paths, Mpeg4(H264) with 16 audio each & 2 Mpeg2 with 8 audio HD or SD and can be transmitted using QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK DVB-S, DSNG or DVB-S2 5% to 35% roll off, using symbol rates to provide the highest data rate using the lowest bandwidth & lowest lock threshold C/N margin possible. We will make sure every technical detail including video & audio levels, clear audible IFB, lowest possible link latency time, correct lip sync, satellite RF C/N margins are correct for your broadcast or live shot.

Truck Equipment List


C BAND 2.4 Meter 42dbi 1244-500 (.8F/D) prodelin Linear or circular feed, trailer mounted antenna using Heliax elliptical waveguide (lower loss than flex)

KU BAND 1.8 Meter 46.5dbi C180 Vertex/RSI SNG antenna, with RC3050 vertex RSI controller
KU BAND 2.4 Meter 49.2dbi 1244-500 (.8F/D) prodelin Linear feed, trailer mounted antenna


HD Encoders
2 Adtec Digital EN-91P with 16 channels, 4:2:2
2 Tandberg/Ericsson E5788 with 8 audio channels 4:2:2, built in modulators
3 Dektec DTA-2180 Mpeg4/Mpeg2 16 audio channels, ASI Encoders
2 Newtec M6100 Modulators QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK 5% to 35% roll off
3 Radyne Comstream DM240-300 modulators BPSK/QPSK/8PSK DVB-S DSNG 20% to 35% roll off
40x40 Black Magic Design SDI/ASI Router & 20x20 Black Magic Design SDI/ASI Router
7 Tandberg RX1290, RX8200 IRDís (Mpeg4 & MPEG2, HD/SD 4:2:0/4:2:2 QPSK/8PSK/16APSK DVB-S/S2,
2 Adtec Digital DTA3050 ASI MUX, all ASI inputs/outputs on the router

RF Equipment

2 Miteq Low phase noise KU Band upconverters 13.75-14.5GHz
3 Miteq Low phase noise C Band upconverters 5.925-6.425Ghz
2 C Band MCL MT3200 400 Watt AMPS
2 KU Band MCL MT3200 400 Watt AMPS
2 Analog receivers
3 Hughes 1273H rebuilt, custom modified (for NEW NEC TWTís) power supplies (8.4KV, 300ma)
2 LD7213 NEC 300W TWTís (IMD -30DBc @ -7DB output backoff)
2 CIAO Wireless +30DBm 1db comp Linear SSPA TWT drivers
HP 8555 10MHz-18.5GHz RF Spectrum analyzer for Direct 6Ghz, 14GHz & L-Band monitoring
2 WR75 (SMA) Microwave phase shifters
1 WR75 Neico Microwave phase combiner
2 WR 75 (SMA) 0-30db continuously variable attenuators


Dolby E DP572 AES 8 channel audio decoder
3 Wohler 16 channel embedded, dolby E & dolby D audio monitoring
ASI Record & Playout with Dektec 2144B with transport stream analyzer
32 inch LED Samsung 1080p HD Monitor with 4 HDMI inputs via AJA KONA card's
Evertz, cross converter card, VIP12 MVP card in frame


HD/SD Video & audio can be recorded & played out 10 or 8bit uncompressed 4:2:2
1920x1080i 29.97 or 1280x720p 59.94 with 8 audio channels
or using DVCPROHD or Apple pro res codec's
3 PC's 2 with 4.0 Terabyte RAID AJA KONA LHi cardís HD/SD/SDI, Analog, AES, HDMI in/out
Cross conversion between 1920x1080i & 1280x720p with 8 channel embedded audio
1 HD-8090 Cobalt digital component/composite to HD/SD-SDI converter
2 AJA HD/SDI to SD/SDI downconverters 16:9 or 4:3 sidecut, letterbox or anamorphic
DVC PRO HD, DV50, DV25 codecís etc... & uncompressed 4:2:2/4:4:4 10bit record/play


1 Panasonic P2HD AG-HPX370P HD Camera w Fujinon XT17X4.5BRM-K14 Lens
1 Sachtler FSB8 tripod
2 Anton Bauer Digital Hytron NI-MH Btteries
1 Anton Bauer 2PSTN 70watt Battery Charger
2 64GB Memory cards 2HRS HD Record time
2 400watt joker 5600K HMI lights w Avenger stands
1 Avenger C stand
1 Lowell omni-light
3 ARRI Fresnel 150watt
1 10x10 WHITE TENT
2 Directors chairs
5 MKE-2 Sennhiser lav mics foam windscreens
8 IFB boxes with audio implements earpieces
1 Sound devices 442 4 input Mixer/peak limiter
3 VP-64A shure mics (handheld) with foam windscreens


1 Clearcom 4 channel MS-440 Mainstation
1 MS-232 2 channel Mainstation
3 Clearcom 501 beltpacks CC-95 headsets
8 IFB boxes with audio implements earpieces
4 digital cell phones using Verizon


4 FP-23 Shure mic to line amps
5 MKE-2 Sennhiser lav mics with foam windscreens
1 Sound devices 442 4 input Mixer with peak limiter
3 VP-64A shure mics (handheld) with foam windscreens


8 280ft Beldon 1694A coax cable reels
8 280ft 3 cond (PL, IFB, LINE AUDIO) color coded cable reels
1 LNS 8 PESA 8X2 analog router
5 Leitch 681MB Equalizing Video DAís for composite analog
2 Canare EE-100 battery powered HD-SDI/SD-SDI reclocking amps (for coax)
2 Matrix reclocking 3G HD/SDI DA's with equalization
1 2000ft Telecast fiber Tac 4 single mode fiber reel (ST connectors)
2 Rattler fiber optic link sets for 1.5Gbps/HD/SDI, SD/SDI or ASI transmission
10 XLR 8ft audio cables
10 XLR 8ft shielded mic cables
25 1694A 10ft BNC cables
misc XLR turn around, XLR IFB splitter cables
5 AC power strips
7 100ft power cable reels
1 100ft 6AWG 3phase Camlok cable


Kohler 10KW Diesel Yanmar engine
Camloks output 41AMPS



Via Sky Communications